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About FiberRep

About Channel Partnering with FiberRep...

FiberRep is a "channel partner" who partners with Manufacturer's or Producer's to market and sell the Manufacturer's products, services, and/or their fiber optic technologies.

Traditionally, FiberRep has supported "Factory Direct Representation" only.  After several requests, FiberRep is expanding "channel partnering" to include the following channel relationships:

Referral Partners

Referral partners effectively pass leads by email, telephone or in-person. Referral partners are typically remunerated with a commission although this may either be per Lead; per Sale and/or Finders Fee.

Drop Shipper 

A drop shipper is effectively an online reseller who sells products without actually taking stock. This is typical for shops like Fibertoolkits (FTK) who can easily take an order and payment through their website and then pass the order details to the manufacturer or vendor to ship the product directly to the customer. i.e. your products on my website for sale benefiting from my "niche" Traffic and Contacts.


Most commonly affiliates solely drive web traffic and are remunerated per visit or per sale i.e. RFQ (request for quote)

Manufacturer's Rep (exclusive or non-exclusive representation).

A manufacturers' representative (rep), also known as independent Sales Representatives or Sales Agent, is an individual, sales agency or company that sells a Manufacturer's products to markets such as engineering; labs; data centers; network providers; military; DoD; aerospace; wholesale; retail and end-user type customers.

When a Manufacturer hires a manufacturer’s rep firm, this usually means that a contract is signed between the two companies, which empower the rep to sell or solicit sales for the manufacturer's products as an agent in a defined territory. The products are usually ordered directly from the manufacturer, who then pays a sales commission to the manufacturer’s rep firm. The commission rate varies according to the market and the product type. It can be anything from 1% to 50%, although a more typical commission rate would be 10% to 25% for low-cost or consumer products and 12% to 15% for high cost or industrial products.

Reasons to Channel Partner

  • Accelerate sales growth.
  • Extend your marketing: Reach buyers or segments not adequately served online or by your sales team.
  • Make it more convenient for your customers to purchase (local presence)
  • Cost-effective alternative to hiring your own sales force.
  • "Niche Market" Technical support

About FiberRep duties, experience and coverage.....

FiberRep is a Manufacturer's Rep for Fiber Optic Suppliers on the West Coast.  FiberRep understands the ever-evolving Technology exchanges within Specialty Fiber Optics and is constantly adapting new solutions provided by our Manufacturer's.

Also, FiberRep supports installers, job shops, contract manufacturer's, government, education, test & measurement houses, broadband, telecommunications and medical.

FiberRep is home based in Las Vegas, Nevada supporting the West Coast i.e. Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Colorado, Montana, Wyoming, California, Nevada, Utah, Idaho, Arizona, and New Mexico.  FiberRep also supports Factories in Mexico on the Borders of Arizona and California.

FiberRep has enjoyed a positive working relationship with Nanometer Technologies, Norland Products, USConec, Westover Scientific and JDSU for several years on the West Coast.   FiberRep has also had a positive working relationship with Opto-Test as well.

Over 18 years of experience in Fiber Optic's on the West Coast.

Let's talk, especially if you are interested in discussing "channel partnering".

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