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The Fiber (strand) is glued to the connector assembly with heat-cured epoxy, providing a reliable connection with desired losses of less than 0.5 dB per mated pair. This process can be time-consuming because YOU must set or “cure the assembly.” A suitable Curing Oven is essential for consistency with your epoxy connect process. Epoxy removal from the connector assembly is the task at hand.

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G5 SMART CURING OVEN (MT/SC/LC) with programmed Epoxy Menu Process Controls. Works well as a ramp/soak oven or a simple, stable temps range curing oven. The G5 has a programmable timer/buzzer for accurate control of connector curing.

NT-32 SMART CURING OVEN A top load version of the SMART OVEN with a 4.3″ touch screen display, cure up to 60 connectors at a time (standard 32 Conn), Super stable temperatures, Ramp/Soak functions, All popular epoxies stored in memory.

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  • Resolution: 0.25deg C
  • Accuracy: +/- 2.5 deg C @ 150deg C , +/- 2 deg C @ 25-120 ( thermocouple accuracy )
  • Max Temperature: 150 deg C
  • Stability: (lid closed) +/-0.75 deg C
  • Heating: 12 deg./Min.
  • Cooling: 1.5 deg/min.
  • Settling time: 3 minutes
  • Capacity: 24 connectors (variable depends on heater block)
  • Weight: 5 lbs.
  • Power 120vac or 240 vac 3 amps
  • Width: 13.5” 343mm, Height 5” 127mm, depth 9.3” 236mm
  • Ramp/Soak Specs:
  • 10 steps per profile
  • Program time and temps
  • Save up to 25 profiles
  • Save names per profile
  • Linear ramping to temp.
  • Overshoot +/- 5 %
  • 160degC thermal shutdown protection
  • Buzzer on/off switch
  • Pre-set Oven Profiles list:
  • LMCO ramp soak Mil-Spec.
  • 353ND 150c 1min
  • 353rd 120c 5 min
  • 353nd 100 10min
  • 353nd 80c 30min
  • F112 90c 15min
  • F123 100c 5min
  • 3577 150c 30min
  • 3677 120c 60min
  • AB9123 100C 5 Min
  • AB9123 120C 2MIN
  • AB9123 150C 1MIN
  • 1min 100c
Nanometer Fiber Optic Polisher
Nanometer Fiber Optic Polisher

Automated Connector Polisher with Touchscreen Technology & ASR Automated Stub Removal

With the ACP24/96, you can automate polishing times, pressure, & motor speeds for each step. Complete polishing procedures are stored inside the ACP24/96 to save time and ensure repeatability. Create, save, and recall custom polishing procedures for custom jobs. Polishing Procedures can be saved to a computer for easy backup or transferred to another ACP24/96.

The ACP24/96 utilizes our figure 8 polishing pattern found in all our MCP lines of polishers and is compatible with all MCP24 and MCP48 polishing fixtures.

The ACP24/96 includes the ASR System for automated stub removal. No more removing fiber stubs by hand. ASR works with Nanometer Tech’s polishing fixtures, reducing the need to purchase special fixture plates.

With the ACP24, you can automate each step’s polishing times, pressure, and motor speeds. Complete polishing procedures are stored inside the ACP24 to save time and ensure repeatability. Create, keep, and recall custom polishing procedures for custom jobs.  Save polishing procedures to a computer for secure backup or transfer to another ACP24.

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