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The CC6000 Interferometer automatically and precisely measures the radius of curvature, apex offset of polish, and fiber undercut or protrusion on any PC or APC single fiber connector. Furthermore, the breakthrough technology used in the CC6000 is unlike any other system today and now allows Interferometric connector analysis to be affordable to all users. Also, the CC6000 features pc APC auto pass-fail low-cost end-face geometry.

This compact Interferometer attaches to a PC or laptop through a standard USB port and uses the exclusive CC6000 software to control the Interferometer and measure the connectors. No custom boards or complicated configurations are required. Simply, install the software, plug in the CC6000 and run. This user-friendly software allows anyone with minimal experience to accurately measure the 3D end face geometry of a fiber optic connector.

The CC6000 does NOT measure Fiber Arrays i.e. MT MPO. The CC6000 measures most single-fiber PC/APC connectors.

The CC6000 is designed for both the factory and the field to provide the crucial quality information needed to assure the long-term performance of your fiber optic connectors.

pc apc auto pass fail low cost endface geometry interferometer
pc apc auto pass fail low cost endface geometry interferometer

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