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These steps require process control during daily production to improve first-pass yield, efficiency, and costs. Knowing and trusting your process with each step provides ROI. Process Control and JIT-type delivery make it happen.

Focus on preventive action, not corrective action. As you develop your fiber optic polishing process, I encourage you to implement a statistical process control system. For example, rubber pads, film, and fixtures will wear out over time, and yields will begin to degrade. Mark your film for usage. Record the data, track it, and actively analyze it. This will help you prevent problems rather than fix them after they occur. Watch the trends, take preventive action, and consistently see high yields. i.e. ROC; Apex Offset; Fiber Height

The basic polishing process involves these steps:

  1. Epoxy Removal
  2. Geometry
  3. Final Step: finishing the optical surface

We offer a polishing film that is cost-effective and works.  Create a FREE CHAT and/or set up a FREE CALL to discuss your application.  All of our support TEAM have been working with polishing, film, and/or interferometry since the ’90s.  *We provide FREE evaluation sample Film when available for Polishing Process evaluation and confirmation. 

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