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The biggest markets for Expanded Beam connectivity are Broadcast, Aircraft, and Military Battlefield.

EB (Expanded Beam) connectors do not employ the normal ‘butt to butt” contact design. Instead, they feature a non-contact technique where the fiber is sealed behind a lens. Clever design minimizes back reflection or insertion losses. Expanded beam connectors have a high tolerance for dirt and debris, but even the best EB connectors, such as the OPTOKON expanded beam system, suffer from contamination in combat conditions. Learn the difference between “ball lens” and “flat lens.” Best practices dictate that cleaning is performed routinely on the flat lens. However, the geometry of the EB ball lens means that standard fiber optic cleaning tools will not work very well.

The CleanStixx Cleaning Sticks is the only cleaning stick on the market that cleans the entire end face, not just the contact zone.  Sticklers® CleanClickers are package color-coded by connector size.  A user knows they have the right tool for the application with color coding.  Precision molded to the exact size and shape for better cleaning is what Installers and Technicians find especially relevant. Again, the tip has a unique, patented geometry that gracefully fits over the lens of the EB connector.

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The Fiber Tool Kits Sticklers® Clean Stixx MT MPO Cleaning Sticks Swabs are good for cleaning larger connectors and lenses such as MPO.  Also, it is good for OptiTIP-style drops and multiports.  In addition, MT38999, MTRJ, QSFP+, and other MT-based transceivers.  Most MT-based backplane connector systems are easy to clean too.   Sticklers® CleanStixx MT MPO Cleaning Sticks Swabs are quite efficient when used with Sticklers® Fluid and Spray.  Wet-dry cleaning is necessary for demanding applications.

Military-approved with National Stock Number 6070-01-553-2267

Sticklers® CleanStixx Cleaning Sticks Expanded Beam Connector EB Swabs
Sticklers® CleanStixx Cleaning Sticks Expanded Beam Connector EB Swabs

Biggest Markets for Expanded Beam Connectivity

Military Battlefield

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