Outsourcing YOUR Interferometer Cable Testing

Interferometer Test Services are sometimes available for outsourcing your “Batch Jobs”.  If you need to “batch” processes measurement requirements that support Ø1.25 mm to Ø2.50 mm Ferrule PC/APC Single-Fiber Connectors let me know.  Outsourcing with a Norland Non-Contact CC6000 will provide repeatable accurate measurements for the Radius of Curvature, Apex Offset of Polish, and Fiber Undercut or Protrusion. 

The Norland CC6000 (now Thorlabs) provides crucial quality information needed to assure long-term performance of fiber optic connectors i.e. IEC; Telcordia. Single-fiber connector measurement printouts are provided. (See Report below)

(3D image) … cc6000 Pass/Fail Data

Email, CHAT, or call me regarding your application and requirements.

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