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Apex Offset = Measuring the apex offset (offset of the polish from the fiber) requires defining the “high point” or vertex of the polish.

Did you polish long enough on the 6um diamond? Use Diamond for coarse grinding and refining. Prevent unacceptable fiber height as it removes material and fiber simultaneously. Aggressive for ferrule geometry. Smooth finish to improve insertion loss and back reflection.

Since the fiber itself could be recessed or protruded, the sphericity of the ferrule surface, as defined by the Fitting Area, is used to calculate the vertex. The apex offset is the distance from the vertex of the ferrule sphere to the center of the fiber. Interferometry, because of its three-dimensional contours, visually shows the vertex as the center of the circular fringes that define the sphere (Fig.5). Sometimes, it is a simple matter to calculate the linear distance from this point to the fiber center.

66P Diamond Lapping Films are designed to provide consistent high-quality surface finishes in lapping applications for hard surfaces. This product series is particularly suitable for metallography sample preparation but also finds use in lapping and superfinishing other hard materials, including ceramics, semiconductors, glass, metals, and stone. To ensure high quality and reliable performance, 66P Lapping Films are made by precision-coating tightly graded diamond particles onto a 3-mil polyester substrate.

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