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Sticklers® Cleaners Clean stixxs Cleaning Sticks POC03m

FYI … The cleaning techniques of decades ago are not keeping up with requirements for improved network speed and performance.

International Electronics Group Selects Sticklers®® Cleaners for “Best Practices” Starting early in 2016, the Electronics Technicians Association International (“ETA”) will be featuring the Sticklers®® fiber optic cleaners in the very
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Which do you choose? Sticklers® CleanStixxs vs Sticklers® CleanClickers for Fiber Optic Cleaning

Cleanstixxs or Cleanclickers?  Which do you prefer? Read More or Order @ CleanClickers & CleanStixxs Share via:
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Fiber Tool Kits Sticklers® EB CleanStixx Expanded Beam Connector Swabs

How Do You Clean Expanded Beam (EB) Applications

The biggest markets for Expanded Beam connectivity are Broadcast, Aircraft and Military Battlefield.  Share your Wet Dry applications for expanded beam.  **Sticklers® CleanStixx Expanded Beam (EB) Swabs featured above. Share
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Sticklers® POC03M Cleaning Fluid

Sticklers® POC03M Cleaning Fluid or IPA Isopropyl Alchohol? Does your cleaning fluid leave residue?

Share your thoughts about Fiber Cleaning Fluids.  Add your thoughts about Wet/Dry Cleaning. Sticklers® Fiber Optic Cleaning Fluid POC03M as a faster way to clean difficult contamination. Share via:
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Fiber Tool Kits Sticklers® CleanStixx LC 1.25mm Optical Grade Swab

The Seven Deadly Sins of Fiber Optics

The Seven Deadly Sins of Fiber Optics By Sean Sheedy on February 1, 2016 I&M, Network Reliability Does anybody in this totally digital, selfie-taking, Facebook-posting world remember the Seven Deadly
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Nanometer Fiber Optic Polisher

ACP-24/96 Mass Connector Polisher

The ACP24/96 utilizes our patented figure 8 polishing pattern that’s found in all our MCP line of polishers and is compatible with all MCP24 and MCP48 polishing fixtures. Automated Connector
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Sticklers Cleanstixxs Cleanclickers Cassette Cleanclickers Cleanwipes POC03M Claning Fluid Military Fiber Optic Cleaners

Best Practices Bulletin (ETA) International Electronics Technicians Association … Courtesy Brian Teague Product Manager Sticklers

1/26/16 Courtesy of Brian Teague and Microcare MIL-DTL-38999 Connector Cleaning and Sources of Contamination   Reason for cleaning connectors Mating dirty connectors might cause scratching and/or pitting ruining termini endfaces
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Sticklrers LC Cleanclickers MPO Cleanclicker SC Cleanclickers

What should be in your IDEAL Cleaning and Inspection Kit? Share how you prep for Fiber Optic cleaning challenges.

Help others by sharing your knowledge of what to expect with fiber dirt.  Share your Wet Dry Cleaning experiences or questions.  Sample Kit below.  The MCC-FK08A1 is exclusively available at
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Sticklers® Cleanstixxs Cleaning Tools

Why Are CleanStixx Swabs So Much Better than Other Fiber Cleaning Tools?

Why Are Sticklers® Cleanstixxs Cleaning Tools Swabs So Much Better than Other Fiber Cleaning Tools? There are many products that can be used to clean fiber end-faces, and they’re made
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Sticklers® Cleaners Clean stixxs Cleaning Sticks POC03m

How static can lead to fiber-optic connector contamination and what you can do about it with Sticklers® Clean Stixxs Cleaning Sticks and POC03M

A video produced by Sticklers® explains the potential contamination problems that static charges can create for fiber-optic connectors, and what technicians can do to try to avoid those problems. “Static
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Interferometric image of fiber optic endface or bulkhead endfaceCan you guess what this image is? Do you know what the image describes? How do you think this image was created?

What is this image and how was it created?

Bet you don’t know what this image is? Share via:
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