Fiber Polishing ACP24 Automated Connector Polisher with Touchscreen Technology & ASR Automated Stub Removal

MSRP: $23,950.00

Trade-In and Upgrade Fiber Optic Polisher

Trade-In and Upgrade Fiber Optic Polisher


Senko CS

Senko SN



LC/Duplex 1.25mm

ST/SC/FC 2.5mm


29504 (most)

V-Groove 0/6/8/10 deg

Radiall Luxis




(Check Plate List for more)






3mm SMA

29504 (most)


Titanium Ferrules

Radiall Lexcis


(Custom Oven Blocks are available)



(works with most existing fixtures)

(Custom Holding Fixtures are available)

**Talk to us about your V-Groove applications

ACP-24 Mass Connector Polisher

The ACP24 automates your polishing times, pressure, and motor speeds for each step. Complete polishing procedures are stored inside of the ACP24 to save time and ensure repeatability. Create, save, and recall custom polishing procedures for custom jobs. Polishing Procedures can be saved to a computer for easy backup or for transferring to another ACP24.

The ACP24 utilizes our patented figure 8 polishing pattern that’s found in all our MCP line of polishers and is compatible with all MCP24 polishing fixtures.

The ACP24 includes the ASR System for automated stub removal. No more removing fiber stubs by hand. ASR works with Nanometer Tech's polishing fixtures reducing the need to purchase special fixture plates.



Nanometer Patented Figure 8 Polisher


All Nanometer Tech line of polishers utilizes our patented figure 8 polishing pattern. The figure 8 polishing pattern creates an angle of attack on the connector end face that changes 720 degrees 60 times a second giving optimal connector end face geometry.


Our polishing fixtures can support up to 48 connectors at a time.

Nanometer 96 connector Fiber Optic Polisher


Polish multiple connectors

Fiber Optic Curing Oven Most Connectors including MT

The ACP-24 can polish many types of industry standard, military, and custom connectors


100% control of the system

ACP24/48 Auto Fiber Polisher

• Change polishing times, pressure, & motor speed

 • Automated Fiber Stub Removal

 • Easily create & save custom polishing procedures

 • Factory Preset Polishing Procedures

 • Touch screen interface for easy use

 • Touch Screen is both water & chemical proof

• Patented Figure 8 Polishing Pattern

• Designed for High Volume SIngle & Multimode polishing

• Consistent High Yield Repeatable Performance

• Works with existing MCP24 Fixture

The ACP-24 can polish many types of industry standard, military, and custom connectors.


Fiber Optic Polishing Yields & Repeatability

Radius of Curvature: 5-30 MM

Apex Offset: < 50uM

Undercut / Protrusion: < 50Nm

Back Reflection:

PC: -45dB

UPC: -55dB

APC: -65dB

Multi-Mode: -35dB


Max Connector Load: 96

   Weight: 37 lbs. (16.9 Kilograms)

Dimensions: 14.5” W  x  14.75"L  x  14"H


Fiber Optic Polisher Fixture Plates ACP24 MT PC UPC
(See Plates Category for entire List)


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