Viavi FiberChek Probe Microscope Kit1 (FBPT-U25M universal 2.5 mm inspection tip)

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Viavi JDSU FIT-FC-KIT1 Fiber Optic Cleaning Kit

The JDSU/ Viavi FIT-FC-Kit1 includes the FiberChek probe, (FBPT-U25M universal 2.5 mm inspection tip,) tip case, and carrying case.  The Custom Fiber Optic Cleaning Inspection Kit Viavi FiberChek Probe Microscope Kit1 is now available for inclusion to the Sticklers® Fiber Optic Cleaning Kit.

The JDSU/ Viavi FIT-FC-Kit1 includes the FiberChek probe, FBPT-U25M universal 2.5 mm inspection tip, tip case, and carrying case.

Fiber Optic Cleaning Kit Viavi FiberChek Probe Microscope Kit1

The Viavi FIT-FC-KIT1 FiberChek Probe Microscope is a fast and accurate inspection solution. Additionally, the probe features integrating a touch screen with live fiber viewing.  Most noteworthy features include auto-center and auto-focus.  Hence, Technicians like the automated fiber end-face for both patch cord and bulkhead analysis.  Furthermore, setting up criteria for pass or fail testing is easy.  Consequently, Labs like the store, name, manage, grade and recall test results directly on the probe functionality.  In addition, you can export data via Bluetooth, WiFi or USB.  Finally, all FBPT inspection tips are compatible with other Viavi test devices.

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  • Choose your application oriented Viavi (JDSU) Inspection Scope. i.e. Kit1, Kit2, Kit3 and/or FitSD103 (P5000i)
  • Kits Bright colors make them easy to locate, hard to leave behind
  • Features nonflammable TravelSAFE cleaning liquids, with the spill-proof Triton 3-way spray cap
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FiberChek Probe Microscope Data Sheet

FiberChek Probe Microscope Data Sheet

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