Cleanclicker 1.25mm LC bulkhead adapters cleaners LC endface interface

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Fiber Tool Kits Sticklers® Cleanclicker 1.25mm LC bulkhead adapters cleaners

Fiber Tool Kits Sticklers® Cleanclicker 1.25mm LC bulkhead adapters cleaners are the latest innovation in fiber cleaning. First of all, Technicians like these rugged precision Sticklers® Cleanclicker cleaners because of the smooth push-action.  The light tip force reduces the risk of end face damage.  Furthermore, installers find their Sticklers® Cleanclicker cleaning capacity of 750 cleans well suited for any size network.  Fiber Tool Kits Sticklers® Cleanclickers 1.25mm LC bulkhead adapters cleaners are package color-coded by connector size.  This helps Operators quickly ensure they have the right device for the connector at hand.

Also, available for LC connectors on jumpers or in adapters.  The CCU1.25 Sticklers® Cleanclicker LC uses end face cleaning functionality for today’s applications.  Installers and Technicians find this especially relevant for UPC or APC polishes.  Production lines like that the Sticklers® Cleanclicker refill cartridges perform 750 cleanings too.  Hence, the user enjoys a 30% savings over the cost of buying a new cleaner.  Technicians, Installers and Production users tell us the Sticklers® Cleanclicker 1.25mm deliver great cleaning result at the low cost per connector everytime.

LC Fiber Tool Kits include Sticklers® Cleanclicker bulkhead 1.25mm adapters cleaners.  Cleans (male) Bulkhead Adapters and (female) Endface Fiber Optic Surface

Fiber Tool Kits Sticklers® Cleanclicker 1.25mm LC bulkhead adapters cleaners clean dust, particulates and oil contamination.  Sticklers® Cleanclicker CCu1.25 offer 750+ cleanings and is refillable.  Hence, providing the lowest cost per clean today. The Sticklers® Cleanclicker works on an LC in and out of adapters.  Endface cleaning functionality is easy.  The Sticklers® Cleanclicker CCU1.25 offers a smooth, consistent activation for gentle but speedy cleaning.  Again, the Sticklers® Cleanclicker CCU1.25 utilizes color-coded labels and packaging which minimizes user error while improving the speed of cleaning.

Sticklers® LC Cleanclicker 1.25mm  bulkhead adapters end face cleaners are the latest cleaning innovation from the experts at Sticklers®.  Most noteworthy, these rugged, precision cleaners use a smooth click-to-clean push-action with light tip forces to reduce the risk of end-face damage.  In conclusion, with over 750 cleans, the Sticklers® CleanClicker is perfect for cleaning any size network installation.


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Sticklers® CleanClicker LC Fiber Optic Connector Cleaner’s Product Differentiators


Sticklers® Cleanclicker cleans LC  connectors, on jumpers or in adapters, with UPC or APC polishes. Refill cartridges also perform 750+ cleanings, with a 30% savings over the cost of a new cleaner.

Consequently, there is no doubt that the Sticklers® 1.25mm Cleanclicker for bulkhead adapters fiber optic connector cleaners deliver the best cleaning at the lowest cost-per-connector today.

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