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The following is an EXEMPLAR of my latest application note for Fiber Undercut and Protrusion.

These “Assets” are part of the Control Process Compliance for Fiber Protrusion

Our support TEAM has been working with polishing, film, cleaning, and interferometry since the ’90s.  We work closely with customers to develop, resolve, and maintain process control issues. *(FEATURE)

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Guided by Product Specifications *(FEATURE)



The Importance of Controlling Undercut & Protrusion is paramount to a successful control process for polishing fiber. *(BENEFIT): REPEATABILITY

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(Specification/Compliance) > Feature/Benefit

(FEATURE): CONTROL PROCESS The basic polishing process involves these steps: (specification driven) (Assets)

  1. Epoxy Removal
  2. Geometry
  3. Final Step: finishing the optical surface
  4. Assembly
by Ross Curington “Feature vs. Benefits”

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(Xerox pss) – (Sujan Patel)

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Xerox Proprietary Selling Model

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