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Cleans Bulkhead, Adapters, and End-face Surface

Sticklers® Cleanclicker for bulkhead adapters fiber optic connector cleaning delivers great cleaning results at a lower cost per connector today.


The Sticklers® Cleanclicker CCu250 cleans dust, particulates, and oil contamination.  Sticklers® Cleanclickers CCu250 offers 750+ cleanings and is refillable.  Hence, providing the lowest cost per clean today. The Sticklers® Cleanclicker is used on SC, FC, ST, and E2000 in and out of adapters.  Endface cleaning functionality is easy.  The Sticklers® Cleanclicker CCU250 offers a smooth, consistent activation for gentle but speedy cleaning.  Again, the Sticklers® Cleanclicker CCu250 utilizes color-coded labels and packaging, which minimizes user error while improving the speed of cleaning.

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**when you use … Sticklers® CleanClicker Cleaners and CeanStixx Swabs works best with the Sticklers® Fiber Optic Splice and Connector Cleaner cleaning fluid (#POC03M)

*** Remember Stubborn debris, dirt contamination, and oils, all respond to Wet/Dry applications. Scratches, pits, and cracks do NOT.

Sticklers® Cleanclicker 2.5mm bulkhead adapters end face cleaners are the latest cleaning innovation from the experts at Sticklers®.  Most noteworthy, these rugged, precision cleaners use a smooth click-to-clean push-action with light tip forces to reduce the risk of end-face damage.  In conclusion, with over 750 cleans, the Sticklers® CleanClicker is perfect for cleaning any size network installation.

Cleanclicker 1.25mm & Cleanclicker 2.5mm Cleaners
Cleanclicker 1.25mm & Cleanclicker 2.5mm Cleaners

Cleans LC and MU connectors, on jumpers or in adapters, with UPC or APC polishes. Refill cartridges also perform 750+ cleanings, with a 30% savings over the cost of a new cleaner.

Stickler’s Cleaning Products are available at your favorite West Coast DISTY; EBAY; Google; or Factory Direct @ FiberRep.

All of the Sticklers™ cleaners have an unlimited shelf life, sometimes called an “expiration date” or “sell-by date.” This means as long as you store them properly, they will retain their purity and cleaning effectiveness until the package is opened. Proper storage is an essential element in quality cleaning. Cleaning tools and chemicals must always be stored in a cool, dry location, out of direct sunlight, and off concrete floors.

Visit Wet/Dry Cleaning Solutions for adapter cleaning and/or end face cleaning.

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