What should be in your IDEAL Cleaning and Inspection Kit? Share how you prep for Fiber Optic cleaning challenges.

Help others by sharing your knowledge of what to expect with fiber dirt.  Share your Wet Dry Cleaning experiences or questions.  Sample Kit below.  The MCC-FK08A1 is exclusively available at FiberToolKits.

MCC-FK08A1 Fiber Optic Cleaning Kit Special

  • one CleanClicker® 2.5mm cleaning tool (750+)
  • one CleanClicker® 1.25mm cleaning tool (750+)
  • one CleanClicker® MPO cleaning tool (600+)
  • one Cassette CleanClicker Fiber Connector Cleaner
  • one can of the POC03m cleaning fluid
  • one box of CleanWipes® 400

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