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Contactless 360° Clean for Damage-free Cleaning. (VIDEO)

Data Centre World Singapore Oct. 12-13, 2022

The Sticklers™ Pro360™ “Touchless” Connector Cleaner Kit provides up to 2700 Cleans. Cleaning Portability is Indoor/Outdoor. Multiple Size Adapters for Cleaning Flexibility i.e. MTP/MPO


The new Sticklers™ Pro360™ Touchless Cleaner is the future of high-performance fiber optic end face cleaning. Unlike anything else in the industry, this groundbreaking end face connector cleaning tool stands out for its ability to quickly and completely clean oils and dust across the entire end face of both male and female connector ends, with just the press of a button.

  • ​Contactless 360° Clean for Damage-free Cleaning

A hand-held dispensing wand delivers a micro-dose of atomized cleaning fluid within a narrow column of pressurized air onto a fiber optic connector end-face. Unlike click-to-clean tools, the Sticklers™ Pro360™ Touchless Cleaner makes no physical contact.

  • Cleans to the Ferrule Edge for Complete Cleaning

Thoroughly cleans the end-face all the way to the ferrule edge. The connector is left perfectly clean and dry, with no contamination to migrate into the contact zone and block the optical signal.

  • Small and Portable Enough to Go Anywhere

Compact enough to clip to a worker’s utility belt, the Sticklers™ Pro360™ Touchless Cleaner travels anywhere you need high-performance end-face connector cleaning. Use it for FTTH, FTTA, and data center applications and connectors used in aviation, naval, and military applications.

  • Battery or Line Powered for Cleaning in the Field or at the Bench 

Use rechargeable lithium-ion batteries or the AC power supply international adapter.

  • Multiple Size Adapters for Cleaning Flexibility

The Sticklers™ Pro360™ Touchless Connector Cleaner comes with a rechargeable cleaning fluid cartridge, fixtures to clean 1.25mm, and 2.5mm connectors, and a rugged case for storage and transport.

  • Replaceable Cleaning Fluid Cartridge ≈ 2700 Cleans

The game-changing Sticklers™ Pro360™ Touchless Endface Cleaner provides up to 2,700 contactless cleans per each hermetically sealed solvent cartridge; giving technicians the portability they want and the fiber cleanliness they demand, all at the lowest cost per clean.

touchless cleaner

The kit contains no hazardous materials and ships anywhere in the world by ground, air, or sea without restrictions

It is a mechanical device that uses clean, pure cleaning
fluid and air to remove fiber optic end-face contaminants
that could interfere or block the optical signal.
For use on all fiber optic end face sizes, it cleans
360°and all the way to the ferrule edge in one cycle,
eliminating static and post-clean migratory

A hand-held wand sprays a high-purity, nonflammable
fiber cleaning fluid onto the end face followed by an air
burst causing a Coanda effect to completely clean the
ferrule end face. 

It is engineered for fiber optic professionals including
fiber installers, contractors and network engineers to
use for new fiber installations and network

It is the tendency of a fluid jet to stay attached to a
convex surface. Like water flowing off a sloping roof
adheres to the surface of a gently sloping gutter.
Sticklers™ Pro360™ Touchless Cleaner uses the Coanda
effect to manage both air and fluid flow to optimize the
cleaning process.

It is used inside data centers, aircraft or ships; up on
towers (FFTA/Fiber-to-the Antenna); inside head ins;
outside FTTH (Fiber-to-the Home); at nodes/pedestals;
Sticklers™ Pro360™ Touchless Cleaner FAQs
and most other fiber optic end face cleaning

• Full 360° end face cleaning to the edge, not just the
core and three outer regions
• Portable for field use and line powered for benchtop
• Cleans all connector sizes with one unit, no need to
carry multiple tools and always have the right size for
the job
• Provides the lowest cost per clean
• 3.5 second cycle, single-push button clean-and-dry
speeds productivity
• Get up to 2,700 cleans per cleaning fluid cartridge
(3-5 times more than Click-to-Clean Tools) without
the repetitive clicking motion
• Fewer cleaning fluid cartridge change-outs means
less inventory to stock and no more plastic tool refills
going to the landfill
• Exceeds the IEC 61300-3-35 standard for end face

Sticklers™ Pro360™ is engineered to clean small
amounts of microcontamination (skin oil and dust)
normally invisible to the naked eye and seen only
via high-magnification fiber inspection microscopes.
During the cleaning process, the atomized fluid
dissolves oils and carries particulate away from the
entire connector end face. The contamination is either
carried away from the end face with the cleaning fluid
during the drying process, or dispersed to areas of
the connector housing where the trace amounts of
contamination remaining is harmless. As an added
benefit, the atomized spray eliminates static charges
from all treated surfaces to prevent statically charged dust
particles from jumping back onto the clean surface.

1.25mm; 2.5mm; 1.6mm for military; 2.0mm for
broadband; MPO/MTP in various fiber counts and
Hi-Density (SN, CS, MDC, MMC-VSFF).

Protective eyewear is recommended when using any
tool. The carrying handle and cleaning wand are also
sized to accommodate hands wearing gloves.

The Sticklers™ Pro360™ operates with one
rechargeable lithium-ion battery. The battery will last
up to 8 hours with normal use and recharges from an
AC power source in about 20-45 minutes. A spare
battery and an international power adapter come with
the kit. Replacement batteries are also sold separately.

The cleaning fluid canister is unique and applied
patent exclusive to the Sticklers™ Pro360™
Touchless Cleaner. It is not interchangeable with other
brands of cleaning fluid.
The replaceable, nonflammable cleaning fluid
canister is hermetically sealed to keep the fluid pure
and make it safe to carry on service vehicles or ship
via ground or air. It is tested and approved for use from
32°F - 115°F / 0°C - 46°C.

No routine maintenance is necessary. Depending on
use, the air filter will need to be changed, typically
annually. The cleaning fluid cartridge will deplete after
2700 cleans and can be easily replaced.

The cleaning fluid canister and connector adapter tips
are made in the USA. The unit is designed, engineered,
and assembled in the USA with global components.

The Sticklers™ Pro360™ Touchless Cleaner comes
with a 1-year, non-extendable warranty

Small and light enough to carry by hand or to clip to
a utility belt, it is approximately 8” x 8” x 2” with a 32”
long armored wand cable. It weighs about 2 lbs. with a
full cleaning fluid cartridge and a battery.

The kit includes a compressor with a connected hand
piece; 2 rechargeable batteries; a charger with AC
power supply with an international adapter, adapter
tips (1.25mm, 2.5mm, MPO/MTP, 1.6mm, and 2.0mm);
a cleaning fluid canister; a CleanWipes 90 tub for
splice applications and instructions; all packed in a
durable case.

Yes, the Sticklers™ Pro360™ cleaning fluid is a new,
high-purity cleaning fluid that atomizes into a fine
mist and evaporates fast to work seamlessly with the
Pro360™ dispensing tip. In use, the nonflammable
fluid is dispensed in an atomized micro-dose spray.
It is safe for users and connectors. It is classified as
non-hazardous and non-regulated for transport by air,
sea, and ground. Containing less than 3 fluid ounces,
the Pro360™ can be carried through TSA screening.

Yes, it is patent pending in all major global markets.

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