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A precision polyester base coated with minerals such as diamonds, aluminum oxide, silicon oxide, silicon carbide, and/or cerium oxide originally used to process and polish optical fiber connectors to ensure efficient light and signal transmission.  

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A lapping film must have the highest lot-to-lot consistency.  When you establish your process there are many factors to control and the film might rank at the top.  Others include, but aren’t limited to the quality of your polishing machine, its fixturing and rubber pads, and the connectors you are using.  If your supplier switches ferrules or changes springs, your polished results may change.

So when you are developing your processes you need to be sure all these items are controlled, and most importantly, you need lapping film that will act the same every time.  Without that inconsistency will rule.

We offer a polishing film that is cost-effective and works.  Create a FREE CHAT and/or set up a FREE CALL to discuss your application.  ALL of our support TEAM has been working with polishing, film, and/or interferometry since the ’90s.  *We provide FREE evaluation sample Film when available for Polishing Process evaluation and confirmation. 

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