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Easy on YOUR hand with solid cleaning results. The CleanClicker™ Male MT Fiber Cleaner Cassette

This is simply a better mousetrap for companies relying on MPO connectivity. Also, this cleans simplex SC, FC, ST, and LC connectors, plus unmated jumper assemblies and the already-mentioned male MPO fiber assemblies.

It is optimized for carrier networks and is ideal for OSP and premises applications, enterprise applications, field installation kits, OEM assembly, and even research labs.  About 500+ cleanings per tool. For even better results, use the Sticklers™ cleaning fluid (#MCC-POC03M and the new #MCC-POC10M).

This tool has a different, narrower backplate beneath the cleaning ribbon. This plate and the ribbon are slightly narrower than the distance between the MPO guide pins. This allows the guide pins to straddle the cleaning ribbon. The narrow back-plate means operators can apply the proper amount of pressure and cleaning force onto the fiber end-faces during the wipe process. This pressure and improved cleaning is not possible without the modified back-plate and results in enhanced cleaning results. BEWARE! Cheaper “knock-off” products do not offer this capability.

MCC-CCwrc = SC; LC; ST; FC; E2000


Stickler’s Cleaning Products are available at your favorite West Coast DISTY; EBAY; Google; or Factory Direct @ FiberRep

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